Custom real estate agent closing services & gifts

We help you create remarkable moments
your clients will never forget

Client retention.
Client referrals.
Client loyalty.


For every new homeowner closing day is a really big deal.

Stop wondering if you’ve left your clients feeling underwhelmed or disappointed.

You can finally stop worrying if you’re doing enough to keep your clients happy. Close your next deal with an experience that they will always remember you for.

Just imagine what it will be like when your clients tell their friends and family about you and the lasting impression you have made in their lives.

  • Customize your client’s closing experience based on their personal preferences
  • Become the agent everyone wants to work with
  • Create a referable moment
  • Stand out in the crowded sea of agents
  • Grow your business with ease

We get it! You’re already busy finding the next deal.
Don’t let your closing day gifts be a last minute afterthought.



Every deal you close is a referable moment.
We’ll do all the work…you take all the credit.

Make an

Surprise your clients on closing day with gifts that make them feel as if you’re celebrating with them.

Stand out from
the Competition

Give personalized gifts that make your clients feel understood, appreciated and cared for.

Grow your

Enjoy a fun (and easy) way to increase client retention, referrals and loyalty.

How you
close a deal

Leaving an impactful impression on closing day
is what separates you from the rest.

As a licensed real estate agent, I understand how important it is to leave a lasting impression on your clients. For over five years I’ve been curating personalized closing gift packages for agents with incredible results - client retention, heightened loyalty, and consistent leads.

We can do this for you, too.

Words of praise


Angelica, Berkshire Hathaway
Home Services
Seattle, WA

As a busy realtor I put off sourcing closing day gifts until the last minute. With Havenlee Home I don’t need to fret because they know exactly what I need in order to “wow” my clients. And when I saw how my clients were sharing their closing gifts and wrapped door on social media I could see the impact I had on their experience with me. It has made referrals come quickly and easily!


Eric, Array Real Estate
Seattle, WA

I was always very inconsistent with my closing gifts. I love Havenlee Home because they think of everything so I can keep focused on making sure the transaction itself closes smoothly. I’m able to customize gifts for my clients that feel more personal, things I never would have thought of myself. Now I have a way to show how thankful I am for my clients’ business. Know what you’re good at and have the best handle the rest.


Jim, Alchemy Real Estate
Seattle, WA

I’m always scrambling at the last moment to pick something up for my clients on closing day. I appreciate how organized and timely Havenlee Home is. But the “Wow” factor is the best part. The first time I used them my clients were very impressed. I’m proud that I could give them a memorable experience.

Are you ready to exceed your client ’s expectations and give them
an unforgettable closing day experience?


Closing Date Details

Share the closing date and the address of the clients new home.


Client Details

Answer a brief questionnaire so we can get to know your clients better and customize the perfect gifts.


Closing Day Concierge

Surprise your clients with our signature ribbon wrapped front door upon their arrival, complete with personalized gifts that are hand delivered and waiting for them inside.



If you want to know how you can be proactive and make sure your clients have a fun and memorable experience buying their new home AND inspire them to tell their sphere about you…we can help.

It takes a lot of time to find the perfect gifts that you know your clients will love, but we’ve taken all the hard work out of the equation. Our simple process makes closing day gift giving easy and enjoyable.

*No matter what, you will never find a generic branded knife set anywhere in our inventory. We pay close attention to the details and make sure your clients receive something that will bring more joy to an already exciting occasion!